Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week of February 13th at the FHC

Our first week of serving a mission started on Monday 13, 2012 at the Family History Center in Salt Lake City. I really thought we would be learning how to search for family names or that sort of thing, but to my surprise we are doing what is called auditing. It consists of looking for errors after the indexers have done their job of extracting information. It is checked and rechecked by at least three different people so it is a very thourough process. I have to admit that sitting and staring at a computer screen all day can be very exhausting. It is a strain on the eyes and the posture but we are enjoying most of the work that is handed to us. We take a break whenever needed and spend our lunch hour together and enjoy talking over the things we are learning.
Each day we come home and look for a phone message about our visas but still no word but we are getting to know some great people and are still doing work that is greatly needed, which helps us to feel our self worth and know we are doing the Lord's work no matter where we are or what we are asked to do. Love to all.