Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear family and friends,

"Featured in our own special edition of the Ensign. Our Counselor in the bishopric did this for us."
This past week and a half I have been in bed sick with a chest cold. Z-packs and medicines have helped so I am finally on the mend. Doug has been trying to stay on top of things for us. Thank goodness he's tougher than me. He caught the cold from me but it doesn't keep him down much. The great news is that we got our visas. We met with the Spanish Consulate on Sunday, yesterday, and we fly to Madrid on Wednesday morning. We will spend a week in the MTC there in Madrid and then take a train to Malaga. The Consulate is such a great man and when we walked into his home, the first thing I noticed was an LDS Hymn book on the piano. He and his family are LDS and it was great to visit with him.
We are finally on our way and we will keep in touch. We love you and you are in our thoughts and prayers each day. Elder and Sister Spainhower