Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ryan & Kelly Visit Us in Spain

 Great trip to The Rock of Gibraltar


Doug, Ryan & Kelly on the way up to "The Rock of Gibraltar"

What a "Rock" - Notice the windows in the rock made from the tunnels that were built for protection during war times.
Better view of the windows of the rock. We walked inside and took pics from those windows. The tunnel runs from the right end to the left end of the mountain as far as you can see.

The wind just about blew us off the mountain

Monkeys were transported to the mountain and now there are over 300 of them. The apes have taken over again!!! What are thinking Doug?

An inside view of the tunnels

Aircraft runway with the sea at both ends. You better be a good pilot for this type of landing or takeoff.

The cave was amazing!

Inside Gibraltar Mtn. is a cave of the most extraordinary stalagmites and stalagtites I have ever seen.

Good place to cool off.

Beautiful color!

Huge forms and still forming.

Gardens inside the castle grounds. This castle was built by the Muslims

Ryan and Kelly touring the castle grounds

Ryan, Doug, Kelly - So hot Doug uses the camera case for shade!

Doug in the guard tower

Malaga City view from the castle


View of castle surroundings

Lunch at a little sidewalk cafe after lots of walking. Four of us shared Malaga's famous dish called Paella. Rice & different fish. We opted for the chicken!!!
More of the lower castle grounds and my feet are tired, but Doug keeps me smiling!

One of the many cathedrals here in Malaga

Streets of Malaga are beautiful