Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Feeding Our Missionaries and Zone Conference

July 8th, 2012
 Elders Mendoza from ? , Mora from California, & Long from Hurricane, Utah
They are loving the carrot cake.

Mora and Mendoza are being transferred so we need to feed them one last time and say goodbye.

Zone Conference July 5th
Left to Right: Sisters Crowder, Roderick, & Ross, Pizza for lunch every Conference. Sister Ross will be going home in August
Elder Blanche looking on from behind. Doesn't work in Malaga but he's our buddy. He's from Missouri.

Elder Hatch with Sister Roderick & Ross
Using my camera to get a few of his own shots in!!

Losing our Sister Perera in August. She has a beautiful voice. No accompaniment needed for her!!

At every zone conference we grab each other and rock back and forth to the music of our Mission, "O Vos Los Llamados", in Spanish, of course. There are three verses and we haven't learned the first one yet. We will before we go home though.

July 3rd,
  Elder Pedersen from Alpine, Utah & White from South Jordan, Utah.  They just ate dinner with us, and as you can see, they look as though they might spill over!!

They turn into zombies after dinner.

Elder White just couldn't stay awake with a full tummy and Elders Pedersen and Spainhower talking football. He needed the rest for a long drive later. Pedersen tells us some great stories of his football past as a quarterback. We will look for him in the NFL news in a few years!!