Thursday, September 27, 2012

Newsletter - NEW ADDRESS

News for our Ward newsletter in Fruit Heights, Utah: Some old and some new!! 

The saying here in the Spain Malaga mission among our missionaries, is that it is the best mission in the whole world. The Lord tells us in D&C 31:7 that he is preparing people to hear the message we have to give and it seems as though this area is the center of such preparation. We are so blessed to be a part of this great missionary effort. These missionaries are like the army of Helaman, a direct result of their "goodly parents." We say to you parents, "Continue to teach correct principles and our youth will not falter in the last days, but will take courage to stand for the truth of all things."  We witness this strength each and every day. Our Malaga 1st Ward leads Europe in baptisms for this year. For the month of August, we had 58 baptisms. The goal for this year in the Malaga Mission (Southern Spain) is 404 baptisms and they already have 308. We know God is preparing many people here in Spain and all over the world to hear the message of Christ's gospel--and they are waiting for someone to find them. Although baptizing has always been the major goal of missionary work, our prophet has added a new objective--reaching out to the inactive and bringing in those "Lost Sheep" to our Ward family. At Zone Conference and District Meeting each week, we work together to plan how we can bring these precious souls back to Christ. 

This month we learned that the First Presidency has revised the Young Adult program throughout the church.  We will no longer be responsible for directing a "Center for Young Adults."  We will become the mentors of the Young Adults in Malaga under the new "Stake Young Adult Program."  Because of the change, new young adult leaders (two from each ward) will replace the former officers and will then work as a Young Adult Council under the direction of the Stake Presidency and Bishoprics. Our main goal is to support and teach these YA's to learn how to be leaders and work to accomplish the five key objectives of this program: 1. Activities & Service 2. Missionary Work 3. Activation Efforts 4. Gospel Learning (Institute & FHE) and 5. Leadership. The Priesthood and Relief Society will now be working closely with these YA's more than before, which will help in strengthening their spiritual growth. It's wonderful to see how our Prophets and Apostles are inspired by and receive revelation through the Spirit on all matters concerning the gospel. We love being a part of our young adults' lives; we are with them for activities, church meetings, baptisms, marriages, etc. They give to us more than we can ever begin to give to them. Along with these activities, we have added extra classes such as piano lessons, cooking, and Family History for those interested.

We are continually learning and growing in our faith and in the gospel, which tells us we are never too old to learn. In our Zone Conference on September 19 we were so blessed to welcome Elder Richards from the 2nd Quorum of the Seventy and his wife, who are serving in the European mission area.  Elder and Sister Richards spoke in our Fruit Heights Stake Conference last year; remember?  And now they are trekking all over Europe to teach and inspire highly motivated missionaries to work even harder, filled with El Spiritu Santo.  It was an inspiring five hours of learning/training, followed that night by a two-hour fireside for the whole Stake.  They are dedicated leaders.

The weather here has been hot and humid, which Sister Spainhower loves, but it is now cooling off.  In fact, we actually received buckets of rain this afternoon, our first storm since we arrived 7 months ago.  Since moving from a busy city near the train station to a more rural area (nothing like Fruit Hts.), we wake up to a rooster crowing every morning and birds singing. (Sounds like Honduras, right Elder John?) That's the way to start a new day!!

Love to all, Elder and Hermana Spainhower 

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Some of Young Adults, Estefi, Franco, Vanina, & Misael