Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oct 7, 2012
 A little more news from Doug

We watched conference live on our computer.  Great sessions--top ten material.  I didn't stay up all night for the PH session so will watch it today before main sessions.  Or after.  We are loving our new piso.  So much better.  The drive back in to Malaga takes about 22-25 minutes, but we spent 15-20 minutes getting to the church from our old piso and 15-30 minutes going home (depending on how long it took me to find a parking place).  And the drive is pleasant, usually.  The fog is thick today, so I'm glad we didn't have to drive in for conference.  The members watch at the chapel on delayed broadcast, as we did also for last April.  Most of the ward in the chapel in Spanish; we and the missionaries (most) watch in the RS room in the original language. 

We are pleased with our new JAS program--new leaders with a good attitude; we are a smaller group now, but some will come back when they discover that the future for JAS here is bright.  At least half of the old group has been (or is) moving on with life anyway, through marriage or moving, but the most problematic of the group are still here, speaking ill of us for changing their lives and ruining their fun.  And that's what it was, just fun.  We are trying to add more activities, some missionary focus (especially with re-activation) and some service projects to the program, as well as some real leadership training (as in holding meetings to plan, discuss, and conduct--with agendas!).  They are fresh and happy and have the light of the gospel in their eyes and smiles.  The Holy Ghost is coming back to the Malaga JAS full time.  Anyway, we can finally see a very positive change in our missionary efforts; we love our YA's and they love us; we can tell.  Life is good in Malaga and Benalmadena.  Come and see for yourself. 

 We love you!