Wednesday, November 14, 2012


October 12, 2012
Bowling with our Young Single Adults (JAS) - Estefy, Elizabeth, Angeles, Mari Carmen, John, Raul, David, Felipe, and a friend from the ward who happened by!

The Girls Rock! But mostly in the gutter!!!

Felipe Padula thinks he's tough. Back row: David Aparicio, Andres Morelo, Raul Moreno, John Rozan, Spainhower

Martin Fierro (married), John Rozan, Carlo and David Aparicio, Doug, Felipe Padula, Andres Morelo

Our first mountain trip

Vanessa, John, Iris & Elder Spainhower

John, Vanessa, Doug, Sarah, Janice, and Iris

Elder Spainhower asked for it!!!

A huge vat of a favorite dish here called "Paella".  Sometimes they make it with all kinds of shell fish with tentacles, shells, and eyesballs in tact. We were so happy to have only chicken in this dish. Lots of rice chicken, pork, peas, corn and wine. We were hoping the wine all cooked out before we ate!! We seemed to have all our senses when we finished the delicious meal.

Doug, Rocio (newlywed), Elizabeth, Noelia, Iris, Sarah, Estefy, and Vanessa (new member)

The whole gang except for a the cook, Paco, and Andres Morelo and two lovebirds that took off somewhere (Vanina and Misael)!!

Oct Nov Missionaries

October 2, 2012
District meeting and a Happy Birthday for Nunez. We gave snicker bars to Elder Nunez for his birthday and PB rice krispy treats for the Elders.
Left to right: Elders Bailey(Tucson, Az), Geest(GJ, Colo), Jones(Kaysville, Ut), Triana(Canary Is), Norton(Pl G, Ut), Spainhower, & Nunez (The Big Deal) as he calls himself, (Honduras). 

October 14, 2012 
Elders Lyman(Riverside), Calif., Kirkham(Sacremento, Calif), Rodriguez(Barcelona), Norton(PG, Ut, and Spainhower. Enchiladas for a treat. It's impossible to find good Mexican food here, so "make it at home" is as good as it gets.

October 21, 2012
Sunday dinner with the Elders and young man from our ward, Jordhel, hanging out with the missionaries all day. Great kids in our wards here.
Spainhowers, Triana (Canary Islands, Jordhel (Malaga), Phillips (Taylorsville,Ut), Nunez(Honduras), and Geest (GJ, Colo),

October 28, 2012
Dinner with the Presidents office staff. Elders Nally (Gilbert, Az), Mockler (Indiana), Hunt (Virginia), Peterson (Orem, Ut), Manning (Draper, Ut), Spainhowers
Mockler is replacing Hunt as Hunt leaves for home.

November 6, 2012
Dinner with Sisters Nelson (Utah) and Letendre (Maryland)
Letendre goes home in December to finish law practice.

November 11, 2012 - Elder Triana's Last Supper
Dinner with 4 good & goofy missionaries!! Geest (Colo), Kirkham (Calif), Rodriguez (Barcelona), and Triana (Canary Islands). Elder Triana is being transferred to Algiceras. He will be going home in July when we go home. Maybe we will see him again at that time. Elder Triana asked for roast beef dinner. Little did we know that he had been dying for cheescake and even asked two Sisters to make one for him. They tried but it failed on them. So to everyones surprise, I brought out cheescake with cherries for topping and he almost cried!! I told him I was inspired but of course I didn't know why.

Elders Geest and Kirkham. You have to love these guys.

Spainhowers with Elder Triana at his last supper!

October sunset!

November sunset. Up close and personal is much more impressive