Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Last week in Spain & Bennions visit.

Arrival at Malaga airport, Yeah!!!!

Enjoying a swim at our piso, Breck and Michelle
Doug, Jan, and Michelle overlooking the sea in Benalmadena

Hermana Roan and Breck, Hermana Roan sang a song from "Phantom of the Opera", while Breck recorded it for her boyfriend back home in Colorado

Doug and Jan at a resturant with Breck & Michelle. Our last night out in Spain

Last look at the beautiful sea, Mom and daughter, Janice & Michelle

Goodbye Dinner & Swim Party with JAS-July 20, 2013

                            July 20, 2013 - Goodbye dinner and pool party           
Felipe, Andres, Rafa, Vanina, Savana, Elizabeth, John

John & Andres

Elizabeth & Felipe

Savana & Rafa in a new relationship!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The Last District Meeting & Dinner with Malaga 1, 2, & 3 Wards
July 16, 2013

Our Malaga Missionaries - Back row: Elder Jackson & Cortes   3rd Row: Elder Peters, Barbosa, Sister Clark, Johnson, Roan, Elder Medina, Buckway, Skousen, Bassett, Gomez, & Powell,  2nd Row: Sister Moreno, Coloma, Brimhall, Wilcox
and Los Spainhower - Doug and Janice

Elder Peters - Our funny but serious Missionary

Elder Medina from Texas - Yes, he's a rocker

Hermana Clark and Moreno

Elder Barbosa and Bassett

Elder Gomez our District Leader - Little but big character

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Golf in Spain

Golfing with Elder Norton at Bil Bil golf course
July 13, 2013

                                    Doug almost had a hole in one!  Wow!!!

                                      Hermana Spainhower needs practice!

Beach Barbecue

July 10, 2013

Trip to Rota/Cadiz/Ronda

July 3, 2013
Ferry ride on the sea to the city of Cadiz. The oldest consistently inhabited city in Spain

                                        Entering the edge of the city of Cadiz

Our senior couple in Cadiz near the military base - Military Relations Representatives. Elder Allen and Sister Tamyra Todd from Washington, Ut (St. George)

Long climb. Had to stop for a rest. No steps because they used horses to go to the top many years ago!!
On the way up the stairwell was a place for people to throw coins and paper bills. You can see the hole in the glass where they deposited the money.

Just below the bell and above the ceilings of the church

                                                    The Bell Tower.

                           Over looking the edge of Cadiz from the bell tower

 Another Cathedral we toured through. Such beautiful paintings and structure

Surrounding Farm Areas in Cadiz

                                       The largest sunflower I've ever seen!!!
                                      Sunflowers and rows of olive trees

Lots of farming all over Spain. Alfalpha, grains, corn, sunflowers, olives, grapes, and cities of hot houses that produce all vegetables and fruits.

City of Ronda

          Bull Ring in Ronda. This is the closest I will ever get to a bull fight. Dang!

                                                       Seating areas

                          You can see where they stop the cutting for the cork

 Serrania de Ronda mountains on the way back from Ronda to Benalmadena. Spain is so beautiful everywhere you go.