Friday, January 25, 2013

Dec 24 and 25 Christmas in Malaga

Christmas Eve was spent with the Sanchez family, who have only been members of the church about a year. We came with Elder Geest and Barahona. Mom and Dad and daughter and son were sealed in the Madrid temple this month, which we were priviledged to attend and Doug was one of the witnesses. The other family members are not members of the church, YET! Estefy is in the blue, my piano student, and her brother, the Shepherd, Mom and Dad by the Christmas tree.

Estefy loves helping with the missionary effort too.

Hermana Sanchez setting up the table for the feast.

Our little shepherd boy

Hermana Sanchez niece

A popular dish. Shrimp-like but called "Gamba"

Yummy! just have to rip off the tenacles, head, & outer shell and it's good!

Missionaries and JAS

             Our last District Meeting with Elder Geest
                                   January 22, 2013
We treated him and the others with homemade beef stew, hot home made rolls and brownies for dessert. They were happy campers for the rest of the day!

Elder Geest being transferred to Sevilla. We will miss him!

Elder Geest practices whenever he gets a few minutes. His mom is always so good to send him music to work on.
Elder Barahona adds a little bass to the music!! NOT!! Only in his dreams. Sorry Barahona. You better take some lessons first, but we still love you.

December 29, 2012

Some of our JAS performed at a central shopping mall with Lily Cano playing the violin. They performed four different times and areas of the mall. People all around were pleased with their service of sharing the Christmas spirit and message of Christ through song.
Lily Cano with the violin and JAS, YW, Children, & other members of the ward joining in while shoppers look on in delight.
L to R-Gabby Cano, Joshua Palma, Natalia Fernandez

To the right - Jack Tyndel - great pianist, just returned from his mission in Madrid.

December 21, 2012
Elena Soto and husband

Just before leaving for the wedding dinner at 9:00 pm.
That's Spains normal time for eating their evening meal.
Bridesmaids - L to R -
Rocio Roco, who was just married 2 months ago and her sister, Noelia Roco
Love these young adults

                 Our JAS Christmas Dance - December 7, 2012
Greatest bunch of Young Adults in the world. How we love them

They love to dance and know how to have fun. They don't need a dancing partner to have fun!

This even made me, who hates to dance, want to get involved in the fun!

Yes, there are always some great show-offs. Recently returned missionary, Ernesto Raiano, shows us what he can do!

Let's all try it, ok? L to R=Naomi Early, John Rozan, Ernesto Raiano & Juan Carlos Fernandez. Juan Carlos is studying in Idaho and is here until April when school starts again and then back to the US for more studying.

Ernesto chooses a partner finally!

Best of friends - Estefy Sanchez, Siwy Lima, Vanina Vazquez

Elder Spainhower is saying, "You get up there and dance right now". Not really, but he has a sweet way of getting the shy ones on the dance floor. We even took a couple of spins around the floor!

Our DJ, David Aparicio, working the music. John Rozan and Naomi Early trying to hear each other over the blasting music. Raul Moreno & Eva Sanchez Fierro

Sunday, January 20, 2013

December Missionaries

December 4th Dinner
Spainhowers, Elders Lucero-Bolivia; Forest-Provo,Ut; Lyman-Riverside, Calif.; Phillips-Taylorsville, Ut; Sisters Nelson-Provo, Ut; & Letendre-Plainville, Connecticut
Elder Phillips, Lyman, Forest and Sister Letendre are going home. Their last supper with us!

Elder Forest going home

New to the mission (our greenie)

Sister Letendre going home

Sister Nelson gets to stay with us, yeah!

2013 January Memories

Christmas pkg from home! Thanks Ryan, Kelly and entire family!! We loved it all.

Sitting on the beach in January. We like it better when it's clear of 1,000 bodies! And it's still warm enough to enjoy.

Sunsets from our terrace

Hardly does it justice. Up close and personal is the only way to view this.

Someone is coming to visit! Wish it was our friends and family!! We watch these ships come in and go out from our terrace. This is blurred a little because of the full zoom from our terrace.

Our piso surroundings at night. The pisos to the right are part of our own complex.