Monday, February 4, 2013

Missionaries and JAS

January 12, 2013
Saturday morning breakfast with the office Elders - Valenzuela-Florida; Mockler-Fort Wayne, Indiana; Berrett-Henderson, NV; Peterson-Utah; Spainhower

January 27, 2013 Dinner
Spainhowers, Elders Lish-Idaho; Barahona-Zorgoza; Oldroyd-Mesa; Hafen-Orem, Ut.; Mambo-Spain; sitting is Elder Peroni-Argentina
Elder Hafen is leaving for home February 7th

Hungary Elders, Barahona can't stop for a picture!

January 29, 2013 Dinner with our Hermanas
Spainhowers, Hermanas Wilcox-Provo, Ut.; Moreno-Costa Rica; Petru-Murray, Ut.; Hodson-Sandy, Ut.; Nelson-Provo, Ut.
Sister Nelson is being transferred in two weeks. We will miss her.
Sister Hodson and Wilcox are our "greenies"

January 31, 2013

Overnight stay and breakfast before our big Zone Conference. They woke at 7:00, read scriptures, ironed white shirts, and ate.

Elders Jones-Kaysville, Ut; Tenney-Lehi, Ut; Rojas-Paraguay
Elder Tenney spilled syrup on that baby blue tie so we spot washed it while still attached to his neck and then he used my hair dryer to quick dry. "It worked"
Elder Rojas left his shoes on the terrace. Too bad he had more than one pair of shoes!! If he only had one pair, he wouldn't have left without them, right?

                                       Enjoying the early morning view!

                                                            Zone Conference Jan
                                    What a beautiful group of sisters.
 Sister Petru, from Murry, Ut, sticks that tongue out when she has had enough pictures! And Sister Stark, from Ogden, (in the yellow) knows our granddaughter,Ashley Spainhower Nyman

Spainhowers, Stevens (office), Todds (military base), Castillo (office replacements)

                      We love Elder Hooper. Some people you just easily connect with.

                                            I'm a Butler too! Elder Butler from Idaho

       Our new Hermana from Provo, Ut. Elder Teixeira of the Seventy & his wife & Pres. Deere's wife.

                                              OUR JAS ADULTS - January 26, 2013
                                                Celebrating Birthdays for the month

Siwy Lima & Vanina Vazquez
Love these Young Adults - They love to party! Pizza and cake is their favorite. Our mission Presidents daughter, Annie, joined us for the evening too. 2nd row from the back, 3rd person from the left.

Trees between in the middle of the sidewalks. Love it! Fuengirola shopping area.

Many of the round-abouts in Benalmadena have interesting artistic creations, historical displays or fountains in the center.

Buddhist Temple in Benalmadena