Monday, March 4, 2013

District Mtg, lunch, dancing & singing - Feb. 26th

February 26, 2013
Our Weekly District Meeting with lunch, dancing, singing, card tricks, and majic tricks added for entertainment!

Elder Barahona leaves for home Monday, March 4th. We will miss him dearly.
Barahona on the phone. They keep on working no matter what happens!

I think we're looking a little ragged!

Doug didn't want his nose in the picture! LtoR: Elder Peroni (we call him Peperoni), Hermana Wilcox, Elder Barrahona from Zorgoza near Barcelona, Hermana Moreno, Elder Seely,  and Elder Rojas

Elder Peroni gives us a double feature, an Argentinian dance and a majic trick all at the same time. We could not figure out what happened to that red hanky. He is pretty good. Maybe he will have a job when he gets home!!

Singing a goodbye to Elder Barahona who goes home Monday, March 4th.
Hermanas Moreno, from Coasta Rico, Wilcox from Provo, Ut, Jones from Enterprise, Ut,  Rojas from Mexico, Mambo from Spain, Seely from Hurricane, Ut, and our funny Peroni from Argentina

Elder Spainhower loves these missionaries

Yes, those are cards. No gambling, just card tricks by Peroni. Our Grandson, Colton, might be able to outdo Peroni with his card tricks though. He's pretty good.

Seely sharing his music with Hermana Spainhower

More card tricks

Cheestoso!! Elder Seely

Elder Peroni is man of many talents!

Hermana Wilcox working on appointments!

They just can't figure out that card trick no matter how hard they try!! Hermana Moreno and Elder Rojas
             And that was a fun day with the missionaries!

Costume Party - Feb 28th

February 28, 2013
One of our fun events in February was a costume dance to celebrate a holiday week here in Malaga called, "Blanca Semana". It's like a spring break. Our JAS did a great job and invited the YM & YW to join them in the celebration. Some of the old folks and littler folks got involved too. Nobody likes to be left out of the fun!!! Many hands helped make this event a success.

Estefy tells us her Uncle is a professional artist. Can you tell? What a great paint job.

Eva and Martin. Eva is due to have her baby in a few months! Looks like they're getting prepared!!
Juan Carlos running the sound system and video. What a great asset he is to our JAS, but he will be leaving in April for BYU, Idaho. We will miss him.

Some of the YW

Annie and Justin, the President Deere's kids, came as missionaries!! Franco Moyano in the middle

Can't wait for these young men to be old enough to join our JAS Team.

Misael & Vanina

They love our sister missionaries - Sister Wilcox from Provo, Ut. and Sister Moreno from Coasta Rico

Dancing to the video on the big screen!!

The Cano family. Born and raised in the US. Lto R= Lily, Bella, Michael & Gabby. Gabby just turned 18 and is in our JAS group now.

This hit of the night. Ernesto Raiano

Doug with Martin and his sister-in-law, Sarah

Sister Fernandez & Elizabeth dancing it up!