Saturday, March 30, 2013

FW: Mission update

March 30, 2013
Our mission here in Malaga has been an experience of a lifetime. We have faced many challenges but have also enjoyed many blessings and wonderful experiences while serving here. We have made many life-time friendships and we will miss these dear ones when we return home again, but the memories will be forever. The young adults we work with continue to go forth in doing the Lord's work and improving their lives by serving missions, accepting ward callings, and being sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. It is so rewarding to watch and be a part of these faithful members and loving young adults we work with. The growth in our missionaries is amazing as we interact with them on a weekly basis and feel of the spirit they bring with them. They are a powerful army of righteous young men and women and go forward in taking the message of Christ's church to those that are ready and waiting to hear it. Our time here is coming to an end very soon. The closer it gets, the faster it seems to go by. We hope and pray that we can leave with a message of love and hope in the hearts of those we have come to know and love here in Spain. We love the Lord and His work and feel privileged to have had this opportunity in our lives.