Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sevilla Trip - Senior Couples

                      June 1st- Sevilla Trip with all of our Senior Couples
             Castillo-office; Todd-Military Base in Rota; and Wilson-near Sevilla.

Just a few fotos of the "Real Alcazar" castle in Sevilla. Have to be there to appreciate the real beauty of it all.

Entrance to the castle

The tile work is amazing

Doug with the Todds

Doug, Castillo hiding, and Todd

Beautiful Gardens

This is a bathing pool. Shallow water for bathing inside the castle

The Gang

Finally,  he gets to rest!

A cathedral in Sevilla

Met with the Elders for lunch in Sevilla after our castle tour!

Yes, he's a goof-off!!

In the small town of Rota where we stayed the night with the Todd's
Rota is where the Military Base is located.

Crocodile Park

in Benalmadena

That's as close as I want to get to a real one!!

They all look dead to me! But their just trying to get warm.

This croc is/or was, 60 meters long before his tail was bitten off by another male and he's 90 years old!!

Stuffed one's are safer!!

I thought he was going to crawl right on in!!

Missionaries and more

June 10th, Monday - P-Day - Breakfast, a game of Phase 10, and then lunch before leaving us for the day. We had a great day of food, fun, and making memories.
Front: Elder Barbosa from Nigeria, Doug & Jan, Sisters Johnson-Sandy,Ut; Cano-Cadiz, Spain; Elder Mambo-Spain; Peters-Gilbert, Az; Medina-Texas

Never a dull moment. Medina spoon feeding Peters!!

Doug and Elder Mambo enjoying the view!

                                           Monday, May 27, 2013
 The day of our softball/soccer game and the barbecue afterwards at Castillo's piso.

The day we will never forget!
No barbecues allowed except on your own little patio, which Castillo's deck is only about 4x4. We offered the two policemen a hamburger but the declined!! Elder Castillo and President Deere tried to smooth things over but Elder Castillo still got a ticket. $$$ Don't know how much it is yet! It was a good thing we finished our hamburgers and hot dogs before they got there because they made us poor water over the hot coals.

The first barbecue we've had since leaving the US!

                                                     May 25th, Saturday
Recently baptized member, Elizabeth, helps out on a huge produce farm in Lagos, which is about 1 1/2 hours from where we live in Benalmadena. We helped her out by taking sacks of red and green peppers, lemons, and tomatoes back to the Ward building for those that could use the food. Off to my left you can see a long row sheeps wool that she is trying to clean so it can be used by someone for clothing, etc. She is such a hard worker.